Dee Curley

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Hey there! As an experienced recruitment consultant with a solid track record in the industry. I've got the skills and expertise to make those perfect connections. My experience spans various industries, such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, Fintech, Medtech, IT, and automotive. Talk about a wide range! My passion for learning knows no bounds. I'm always seeking new knowledge and continuously studying to stay ahead of the game. Because let's face it, staying up-to-date is crucial in this fast-paced world.

As someone who values hard work, I understand the importance of finding a place that respects not only your professional expertise but also who you are as a person. It's all about finding that perfect match where you feel valued and appreciated.

Outside of work I love music and festivals. You might be wondering how that ties into my recruitment work, but here's the thing—music and festivals are all about creating incredible experiences, bringing people together, and fostering a sense of community. These values align perfectly with my approach to recruitment. I believe in creating meaningful connections, understanding the unique qualities and passions of candidates, and finding the perfect fit where they can thrive and contribute.

If you have any questions about the roles I'm advertising or need assistance with your hiring needs, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to guide you, connect the dots, and make your recruitment journey smooth and successful.

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